PICS' RFID Compliant Label Program

Profitable Inventory Control Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping Wal-Mart, DOD and other RFID requiring suppliers to quickly get compliant with recent decrees from Wal-Mart and other entities that will start charging non-compliant suppliers if pallets are not RFID labeled soon...

For a small fee, PICS will produce the RFID labels needed and ship them to your location in time for your shipment.  No quantity requirements.  Give us a call so we can get you compliant in time at a very low cost. 

We charge a one time set up fee per run plus a small cost per label produced, again, no minimum on the tags you can order.

Please call PICS at 706-296-6914 anytime for assistance in this matter or e-mail your needs to us at

Below is a sample of the fees to be charged to suppliers shipping to Sam's Club who are not compliant...

Wal-Mart Sets Deadline For Sam's Club Suppliers To Use RFID

Wal-Mart says it'll charge suppliers to its warehouse stores a fee of $2 for every pallet not tagged with RFID starting Jan. 30.

Wal-Mart is stepping up pressure on suppliers to comply with its three-year-old RFID mandate. The retailer says it will charge a $2 fee for each pallet not tagged with RFID that comes into a Texas distribution center for its Sam's Club warehouse stores beginning Jan. 30.

Wal-Mart also has told suppliers that in less than three years, all Sam's Club products passing through 22 distribution centers need to be tagged with RFID at the selling-unit item level.

The charge going into affect this month is to cover Sam's Club's cost to affix tags on each pallet, said a Wal-Mart spokesman, since the retailer needs to have every pallet tagged to meet inventory efficiency goals. The tag fee is "really designed as a short-term solution for those suppliers that may need a little more time to implement their own tagging solution," the spokesman told InformationWeek.